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Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma (BAC) is an unusual subtype of lung cancer; medical oncologist Dr. Jack West reviews the evidence on the best systemic therapy to treat advanced, multifocal BAC.

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Radiation oncologist Dr. Chris Loiselle reviews the possibility of re-treating with radiation for lung cancer, typically using stereotactic technique, in a previously irradiated field.

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Dr. Jack West, medical oncologist/lung cancer specialist, describes special management considerations for indolent lung cancers that may not require treatment or are at risk for "over-treatment."

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Dr. Eric Vallieres, thoracic surgeon, introduces us to and provides a brief history for the special case in lung cancer of a "Pancoast Tumor", along with how its optimal treatment has evolved over several decades.

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Dr. West reviews basic principles of treating locally advanced lung cancer, including the need to treat both local disease and possible distant disease, and the need to balance efficacy with toxicity.

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Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Eric Vallieres reviews the principle of giving chemotherapy prior to lung cancer surgery in order to improve survival and potentially make it possible to do a smaller lung surgery.

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Dr. Eric Vallieres, thoracic surgeon, discusses the potential to do smaller lung surgeries on patients with a lung cancer that poses a minimal risk of recurrence.

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